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Are you tired of being turned down by dealers all over town because you have less than perfect credit? Are you beginning to believe that there is no way you will get auto financing? Well you've come to the right place! Drive Now is able to approve over 90% of all applicants for auto financing! We help you rebuild your credit!
At Nelson Automotive, we have been helping good people that have fallen on tough times get the vehicle they need and start rebuilding their credit. Our specialists work with over 25 lenders to get you the lowest rates and payments that you can qualify for. Most clients are surprised at how we are able to help even when others have turned them down.

All of our lenders report regularly to the major credit reporting services when you make your payments on time, not just if you are late. This helps build a good history so that you can see your score improving faster. Many of our clients qualify for better banks and lenders than they thought possible. The better the lender, the faster your score improves.

With more than 25 lenders ready to make loans, we are able to get lower down payments and in many cases even NO DOWN PAYMENT! We also work with clients on Tax Refund Loans so that our clients don't have to wait for a refund or pay outrageous fees to get the money faster.

Our specialists understand that circumstances change and so we have partnered with lenders that also understand. Don't take no for an answer or pay too much! Slow payments do not have to keep you from getting the vehicle you want.

Our lenders know that medical bills are never expected or planned for. Our experience shows us that our clients pay on time even when that have outstanding medical bills. We are able to help clients every day with these issues.

We partner with dealers with huge inventories that purchase vehicles far below wholesale just for our clients that owe too much on their current vehicles. When you can buy at a huge discount, you can get out from under that vehicle without having to finance all the negative balance into the new vehicle.

Our specialists help clients that have filed bankruptcy every day. We even have lenders that specialize in working with clients that have filed. Often, clients that have filed bankruptcy are able to qualify for a better, newer, or even a brand new car.

Our clients tell us that high payments helped cause their credit problems and that they need affordable payments to help them rebuild their credit. We understand and so we have lenders that offer low financing rates and flexible long term financing so you can get lower payments that you expect.

Many small car lots that finance "on the lot", buy worn out, high-mileage cars that no bank will loan money on. They mark them up way past the real value, and then finance them at very high rates. Most of these car lots don't even have a service department and will not be able to assist you if you have a major problem. Because of this and since most of them do not report to credit bureaus, you might end up making your credit situation even worse.

We partner only with dealers that perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection before the vehicles are approved for our clients. Many of the pre-owned vehicles we offer our clients are still under the factory warranty and affordable protection plans are available on most of the other vehicles available. Click here to view some of the many new and pre-owned vehicles that we have available today.


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